The studio of Yannis Moralis is in the centre of Athens, at no. 9  Deinokratous St. in Kolonaki. He moved in in 1960. It is a small private space designed from the outset into the original layout of the building to serve as a studio for the painter. This is where he made many of his works before the time when he moved part of his creative activities to his beloved island of Aegina.

In the Deinokratous St. studio—the atelier, as he called it—he had built his favourite world, since it was where he spent most of each day. It was laid out so that he could work, receive guests as well as relax. There were several easels, drawing boards, counters where he built his canvas frames as well as bookcases with numerous books on art and other subjects.

He listened a lot to music, so space was provided for a stereo and a tape recorded, and there were naturally a lot of records.

Lots of decorative objects, amassed by himself or presented to him as gifts, were either on display or tucked away in drawers and cabinets. He threw nothing away.

He preferred to work with artificial light, although the space had a large glass area towards the building’s backyard. There was also a balcony, but he rarely had the time to make use of it.

The furniture was designed by himself to suit his requirements in the best possible way. Nothing was accidental or superfluous.

An incredibly neat place for an artist’s studio…